Monthly Roundup : October 2015

October seems to have been and gone in the blink of an eye.  When we moved here in May, the thought of spending Christmas in our new home seemed such a long way off and now, here we are in November!  And, as I'm sat here trying to write this, I'm struggling to remember how we've spent our month: 
  • We've had coughs and colds doing the rounds. Again. One of us is ill for a few days and then it goes on to someone else before coming back again.  Needless to say, that has meant lots of sleepless nights for me - I feel in a permanent state of exhaustion at the moment! 
  • I've been unwell with what the Dr was sure was suspected gallstones or a severe viral infection. Following a blood test and liver scan, the Consultant thinks is a chest infection, despite not having a cough when I initially saw the Dr's. Some of the symptoms have disappeared so I'm hoping I feel better soon!
  • Mum has been down for a few days which the girls loved, particularly as she bought them a huge Frozen stationery box with pens, crayons, paints, stickers and everything else they could possibly want!
  • T has been talking about Christmas quite a lot. Seeing as we've never had a Christmas tree of our own before, we've had to start buying decorations, which she has loved. Several have made it into the trolley accompanied by "I need this for my bedroom".
  • Following on the Christmas theme, E and Daddy made some salt dough Christmas ornaments. Some are going on our tree, some will go to E's nursery teachers and she also wants to give some to her friends.
  • On driving to nursery one Friday, I managed to hit a dog with my car. One minute he was walking with a lead on, the next it had run in front of my car, having slipped out of his collar. I've never had an accident (touch wood) whilst driving so I was really shaken up by it. Luckily the dog survived, having come out of it with a gash to his head and bruising to his leg. The owner was a lovely lady too, acknowledging that it wasn't my fault. I actually drove past them yesterday and saw that he was trotting alongside her, so it was a relief to see him doing so well. 
  • We've moved T out of her cot and into her toddler bed, which was easier than anticipated!
T is obsessed with washing her hands at the moment / trying to get a nice photo of them together / colouring in DFS whilst we ordered new sofas / E playing with her tape measure 'like Daddy's'

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  1. Oh no poor doggy! I bet it really shook you up pets are manic they get everywhere they're not supposed to

  2. So sorry to hear you have been sick, thankfully it seems you are getting a bit better so hopefully it will pass soon. Congrats on the big milestone by the way, moving into a big girl bed :) my daughter I think is very close in age to yours and she still sleeps in her cotbed - I am a worrier so worry that she might go wandering in the nighttime if we give her a chance! Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup :)