Our Night with Mango

Since moving, we've been discussing on and off getting a pet.  D has always had cats growing up but because they were Burmese and they had lost previous cats on the roads where they lived, they were kept as inside cats. We live on a main road but I was insistent that if we have cats, they would be allowed out as I didn't want to be worrying about where a cat was if the kids were in the garden and let it out or the back door was left open. D was obviously worried about the road. I would quite like a small dog but there's a lot of work involved with a dog. So whilst we've been talking about it, we haven't actually done anything about it. 

That was, until last night. We had a phone call from a family member saying that there was a kitten that needed rehoming and asking if we wanted him. In transpired that he had been found a fortnight ago and was very skinny and hungry. They had asked around and hadn't been able to find an owner.  After a quick discussion and after seeing his photo, we said yes.  

We went to collect him and straight away, he was friendly with us.  So friendly, in fact, that he fell asleep on me within half an hour or so. We knew that he would have had a home but because no one had claimed him, we were happy to have him. 

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So last night was fun. The girls were getting used to having him around, T kept bobbing down and saying 'hello' to him and E was giving a running commentary on everything he was doing. They were both very sweet with him and as you will have seen from the title, named him Mango. He made himself at home, going as far as sleeping on our bed last night, despite us leaving him downstairs.  It was like having a newborn, every so often he would come and nudge one of us before settling back down. That, combined with an unsettled E, made for a sleepless night.

And then we got a phone call this morning to say that an owner had come forward.  We packed up the few cat supplies we had and D took him with him to work for him to be collected.  

Already, it seems a little quieter but it seems to have answered the cat question and some time in the near future I suspect that we will find ourselves another furry friend... or two.

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  1. Oh it's so sad he was only there for a night. I look forward to hearing more when you get a new cat/s x

    1. Thanks Donna. In all honesty, I think it was better it was only one night as we'd all have got too attached to him otherwise x