3 Quick Cleaning Tips

The last few days have been a bit manic here. There's been present wrapping, shopping and with the amount of cleaning I've been doing recently, anyone would think I was nesting (I'm not). Or the Queen was visiting (she's not, although she'd be welcome as we're not that far from Sandringham!).  Knowing that we have visitors for Christmas means I'm wanting to make sure everything is as clean as can be - I would hate to have visitors and for them to think our home looked dirty. Having children and pets means I tend to do a little cleaning each day but that doesn't mean I spend a ton of time on it, so here's my top 3 tips for quick cleaning:

cleaning tips, quick cleaning

The (current) kitchen - before we moved in!

1 - Do a little here and there each day. Whether its wiping the kitchen cupboards down, washing the floors or emptying the bins, it means it doesn't build up so that you have tons to do in one go.  

2 - Anti-bacterial wipes are an absolute god-send. I use them to go over door handles and door frames, light switches and when I remember, the phones and remote controls. 

3 - Clean tea towels, hand towels, dishcloths and oven gloves regularly. I use an anti-bacterial laundry cleanser which kills 99.9% of bacteria even on a low temperature so I know everything is truly clean.

These are just 3 tips, I'm sure I could bore you all silly with a much longer list!  What tips do you have for cleaning in those busy times?

* Dettol have sent me two products in return for this post. 

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