Monthly Round up : December 2015

I can scarcely believe its the end of 2015!  
  • E has had a blast at nursery this month with all the Christmas themed activities. They held a party for them where she got to see Santa and tell him what she wanted. Whilst all the kids enjoyed it, I must say that the Santa they had was the worst I have ever seen - the costume was terrible!!
  • The nursery also held a Christmas show. E was a star and was brilliant, although I must admit that I was very disappointed that despite her being one of the smallest in the class that they put her at the back with taller children in front of her so all I was able to see was her head bobbing about here and there. D was able to see her though! The whole show was a complete surprise as E had been completely tight-lipped about what she was doing in it. She hasn't stopped singing Jingle Bells since!
  • We took E to see Santa with my niece which I shared here
  • I stupidly decided to invite Buddy to stay for December. He was useful in helping to remind E to behave but I kept forgetting to move him and so there were a number of nights where he was just too tired to play games... naughty Mummy! 
  • E was very consistent with what she asked for for Christmas. Every day from the end of November until Christmas day she asked for a Frozen bike so needless to say she was thrilled to see her new bike on Christmas morning. 
  • We couldn't believe just how much stuff the girls got. The playroom is full of Frozen and Peppa Pig toys. I was particularly pleased at how many books they had as I'd love them to be bookworms as I was as a child. 
  • Christmas day was spent at home with my in-laws over for lunch. Unfortunately I was poorly, I started to feel a bit under the weather a few days before and then it hit Christmas Eve. Luckily D was cooking the dinner and he did a brilliant job of it considering it was the first time he had done it.  I felt very guilty at feeling so poorly but the girls were really good, if not a little overwhelmed/over-excited by it all.
  • My Mum came down on Boxing Day and the girls got to do it all over again. 
  • T is still too young to fully understand Christmas and all that goes with it but was happy to go along with the excitement. 
  • New Year's Eve was a quiet affair. We've never made a big deal out of it anyway but we'd rather be at home with the girls.
  • I must admit that I was quite relieved to take the Christmas tree and decorations down as the cats were driving me absolutely insane with climbing up it and pulling the decorations off. That said, the living room does look a little bare as it turns out we had more Christmas ornaments than everyday ones!
And that pretty much sums up our December. Happy New Year - here's looking forward to 2016 and everything that it brings!

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  1. Looks like it was a lovely Christmas! Sorry to hear you were ill though, that must have been really annoying, on such a big day as well. The Frozen bike - I bet that got lots of shrieks of joy :D We got one as well this year for our daughter, and it has been a huge success - we bike practically every day :) Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup - lovely to see you this year too :)