Monthly Round up : November 2015

November has been a pretty good month and fairly busy:
  • We had a night (yes, a single night) with a gorgeous cat called Mango, who turned out to be a Maine Coon. He was such a sweetheart but we had to return him which you can read about here.
  • We've since re-homed two kittens (11ish weeks and 10months). The girls love them, me? I think its fair to say that we've got them because D and the girls loved them. I don't dislike them but..... kittens make a lot of mess. And they're taking all the decorations off my Christmas tree which is really irritating me!
  • We finally got a new sofa. You have no idea just how excited I was about this. Our old sofa belonged to D's brother and SiL and was at least 12 years old and if you were sat on it for too long it soon became the most uncomfortable thing ever.  That said, it's now sat in our conservatory until we get round to decorating/refurbishing it.

  • We went to look at a school for E. I still can't quite get over the fact that she'll be going to school next year. She'll be one of the youngest in her year and she looks so teeny compared to the others in her class. Sob. The school was nice and the teachers great, so if she does end up there I'll have no concerns. 
  • We met up with my siblings and stepmum for Sunday lunch. We don't see each other anywhere near as much as I'd like. With my children, work and partners its a lot to juggle and fit everything in but it was lovely to catch up. E was extremely excited to get a Frozen scooter from her Auntie M, it was very sweet. T had a new Tigger and has added him to her little army of cuddlies. 
  • E is completely Frozen mad at the moment. Everything on the Christmas list is Frozen themed. She's even been singing to herself in bed at night 'Frozen is my favourite'. 
  • T had her first haircut. Nothing too drastic but a proper trim of the fringe and a little bit off the back to shape it up. My Mum tells me that she looks more and more like me each day, poor love. I have to say, I can certainly see the resemblance in my baby pics. 
  • E had her flu jab. That was fun, juggling two children and a folded double pushchair up a spiral staircase!
  • We've been having fun with temper tantrums for T. She's so independent, wanting to do everything herself, e.g. putting on her own clothes, which would be fine but she's just not there yet. It makes for great fun when I get her dressed in a morning - particularly if we're running late!
So. That was November. Now for the madness that is December!

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  1. I hear you on the tantrums. My daughter desperately wants to put her own shoes on always and she's just not capable of doing that. It means every time we go out it turns into a bit of a battle. *sigh*


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Aww what a month, a first haircut, new sofa, and kittens! Ah, kittens! I wish we could get some too, sadly hubby is allergic :( Although I can imagine they are a handful!

    We had the flu jab as well, thankfully it wasn't too bad for us, but I have heard it can affect some kids and make them a bit grumpy. Well, ours is in that lovely toddler age, so not sure if we could have differentiated flu jab grumpiness form her lovely non-sunshiney self :D

    Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup

  3. Really sweet photos, really cute girls. I long for a new sofa, but we are trying to hold out for a few more years as it will only get trashed by the kids if we get one now! I'm glad you liked the school, it's a bit step but it will be easier if you are comfortable with the setting. Becky x #mymonthlyroundup