Review: John Adams Sands Alive

One of the things I really dislike as a Mum is playdoh. I know that probably sounds a bit random but I can't stand the stuff, from the smell (gag) to the fact that it gets everywhere and sticks to my carpets. I do feel a bit mean though as the girls love playing with it.

If you're like me and want to let the kids indulge in some sensory play without the mess, have a look at John Adams Sands Alive. We were recently sent two sets to try, the Sands Alive Classic Set and the Sands Alive Animal set.

Sands Alive is unique sand made from all natural material. It doesn't stain or dry out and it can be moulded into any shape.

John Adams Sands Alive, John Adams, Sands Alive

Both of the sets we were sent have a handy tray for the sand to sit in and came with different moulds to fill which split apart to remove the moulded shape. The high sides of the tray means that the sand actually stays in them. My two found the moulds quite tricky to remove but I'm sure they would get the hang of them in time and with some practise. 

John Adams Sands Alive, John Adams, Sands Alive

E particularly like the animal set and filled all the moulds for me to take apart - we would have a picture of them if it wasn't for T destroying them at a moments chance. She found it funny, E not so much!  Other than that, they were both happy to play for a good amount of time with the sand, often just running it through their hands - as did I, it has a really nice feel to it.

John Adams Sands Alive, John Adams, Sands Alive

Whilst playing with it in the living room, we did put down an old sheet in case of mess but I was pleasantly surprised at how little mess there was and anything that was dropped did hoover up easily. 

My only criticism would be regarding the packaging that the actual sand comes in. I found the plastic bag awkward to open and I would have liked to see a resealable package. Whilst the box says the sand shouldn't be kept in a completely airtight container for any length of time, for the sake of keeping things tidy I think this would be a nice addition. As it is, I made such a hash of opening the bag, I've had to pop the sand in a food bag.

As I say, that would be my only criticism. The kids loved it and I loved not worrying about it being trampled into my carpets. More importantly - it doesn't smell. Win win!

Visit the John Adams website for further information and to purchase. Prices start from a reasonable £14.99.

Thank you to John Adams who were kind enough to send us the Sands Alive Classic Set and the Sands Alive Animal set for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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