That's not a Frozen bike Mummy

This year is the first Christmas that E has really had any concept of what's happening so last week, we took her to see Father Christmas. I wasn't entirely convinced it would be a success as last year she screamed at him - and anyone on dressed up as him on TV but I was optimistic!

We took her to a local farm with T and her cousin K. The plan was to go straight in and see him but apparently he was having his lunch during a quiet spell so we did the same.  They were bursting to go all through lunch and were getting very excited.

We walked through and saw some of the animals before going through to the grotto and meeting FC's Elf. The elf explained to the girls what was happening and where they were going before walking them through. It was at this point they all started to look a bit anxious. Nobody wanted to go through first and they all had to be coaxed through. It didn't help that the walkway through was dark.

When we saw the big man, the girls were invited to sit down on logs next to him and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. None of them would, they all started to pull away and E started to get teary. It didn't surprise me that T wouldn't go near him because she doesn't like strangers at the best of times but I did think that E and K might. With a bit of encouragement, E told FC that she would like a Frozen bike for Christmas and soon after that, the girls were given big brown bags with a gift inside.  

When we were outside the grotto, they all opened their bags. Rather imaginatively (sense the sarcasm) they all had exactly the same gift, a brown teddy bear with a red ribbon. E pulled her's out of the bag and said 'Oh. I asked for a Frozen bike. That's not a Frozen bike Mummy' very matter of factly She was quite disappointed when I explained (with tears rolling down my face from laughing so much) that we had to tell FC what we wanted ready for him to bring it to us on Christmas Eve. It hadn't crossed my mind that she would think she was getting it there and then! 

I can't wait to see her face on Christmas Day! 

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