5 Reasons I won't have another kitten

As I shared in my November round up, we have kittens. Its not so much that I don't like them but they don't exactly endear themselves to me - the ginge, in particular. With him in mind, here's why he's put me off ever having a kitten again: 

kitten, cat

1 - They're into everything.

Kids toys on the floor? I'll chew that. Play food from the kitchen? Lets put that in the water bowl. Glass of water on the table? That must be for me! Oooh look, there's a plastic bag sticking slightly through the drawer, it must be for me to chew on!

2 - The mess (cat litter, food)

Our house has had two extensions added on over the years and our current kitchen is 
right in the middle of the house and until we are able to start doing our windows and building work done, that's where the litter tray is. With the kittens in and out of it all day I'm finding myself having to sweep and clean the floor several times a day to remove cat litter as well as crumbs from their food bowls. Like I don't have enough to do during the day!

3 - He's chewed my plants

More specifically my orchid. The orchid my Mum got me as she knew it was easy to care for and I'd struggle to kill it off within a couple of weeks. I'd done a pretty good job of keeping it looking nice in the few months I'd had it. That was until the kittens arrived  - the leaves and flowers are now covered in puncture marks. 

4 - He's plucked the brand new curtains 

Yep. That would be the curtains that we haven't even had a fortnight. The curtains that he decided to hang off because he couldn't get down after climbing up to the top of them. The curtains that took D ages to hang because they were so long.

5 - He plucks everything

He's also plucked the new sofas. The sofas we had only had a few weeks before the kittens arrived. You can also add carpet, glass panelled doors and net curtains to the list. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of net curtains but when you are living on a main road its nice to have a little privacy. As a note - yes, we have a scratching block for them. Its big but evidently not as much as the furniture.

And as I write this, D and I have just been up to E's room to dismantle the tent that was in there as he had taken it upon himself to go in there (he can slip through the gate) and throw himself at it, making a noise and scaring E.  Little bugger.

All that said, D and the kids love them. Me? I just hope he starts to calm down soon. 

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