Toddler Manners

One thing that I've been quite strict about from the moment the girls started talking is manners.

So at this age, 3 and almost 2, what do I mean when I say manners? 
Toddler Manners

From the moment they started asking for things, even when they were just at the pointing for things stage, I started to use please and thank you with them.  And that worked both ways, if I passed them something I would say thank you and if they gave me something I would say it. 

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being a little old fashioned but I hope that by teaching the girls that manners are important it will follow them through in their life and be respectful and polite to others.

And I think something's working.  

On Saturday I took the girls into town to grab a few things and as they were good told them they could have a gingerbread man. As we were waiting to be served in Greggs, an old lady walked towards us pushing her shopping trolley. I tried to move the pushchair out of her way and thought I had knocked it in to her so immediately apologised. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, T also apologised. The lady was absolutely smitten with T and spent a little while talking to her. She then told me how impressed she was with how polite she was and then proceeded to get her purse out to give her some money!  As much as I tried to tell her she didn't need to give T any money, she was having none of it and when she saw E with me she also got some out for her. Despite refusing her money, she wouldn't take no and popped a handful of change on top of the pushchair before walking off telling me that she promised she wouldn't do it again.  How lovely was that? 

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