Last Man Standing

Its been a very long couple of weeks. 

After some very restless nights and no improvement in her cough, I took T to the Drs and he confirmed she had a chest infection and gave her some antibiotics and an inhaler.  Fast forward a few days and D came home from work early feeling ill. He went to the Drs and was given antibiotics for a chest infection and drops for an eye infection. And then E started to grumble about not feeling great and had a sickness bug followed by ear infection. The weekend that followed was a wash out with everyone feeling sorry for themselves.  

Come Monday, I then had to take D to hospital following a Dr's appointment with another infection with the possibility of surgery. Thankfully it didn't come to that and they are confident he can be treated with yet more antibiotics. Here's hoping that's the last of it, this Mummy's shattered. 
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