Living Arrows : Monday 29th February 2016

I know I'm a bit behind with some of the linkies out there but having recently discovered Living Arrows, I thought I would try to join in each week. I say try as regular readers (if I have any!) will know that I can be a little hit and miss with regular linkies - work and life just get in the way sometimes!  But Living Arrows is about celebrating childhood and I love the idea of recording those small, everyday moments that might otherwise be forgotten.

In the last week or so I have noticed a real change with the girls and how they interact. 

These pictures were taken at the end of last week after we had collected E from nursery. Normally she comes home happy but tired and a little tetchy with it but she was different on this afternoon. We came in and she ran off to play with T. Quite often we have the usual squabbles over who plays with what and who has pushed the other but they were both happy to see each other and play together. The pink dog in the pictures? He is the source of so many of their squabbles but they were playing happily, chasing each other around the table and taking it in turns to sit and bounce on him. 

They played together for ages and it was so nice to watch them playing, sharing and generally being kind to each other and its moments like these that give me a glimpse of what they will be like together in years to come.  

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  1. They look like they're having so much fun! Such lovely natural photos. Thanks for linking up and don't worry if you can't link up every week - it'll just be lovely to have you whenever you find the time x

  2. It looks like they were having a great time playing. Those sit on bouncy animals are great fun for kids. #livingarrows

  3. Oh bless them,they really look like they are having a fantastic time together.These truly are the special moments which make our heart burst with joy.xx #livingarrows