Monthly Round up : February 2016

  • After January being a wash out with sickness and bugs, I had high hopes for February! So of course, it started with yet more bugs in our household followed by D being ill with three different infections, one of which required a hospital visit. Thankfully he's better now.
  • The second week of the month saw me return to work, albeit for half a day a week but it made all the difference, allowing me to catch up and switch off from all things child related. Now that my MiL is well and returning to work, and therefore looking after the girls for a full day, I'm looking forward to getting back to a proper routine - although yesterday was my first full day and I was shattered!

  • It was my birthday. Birthdays are somewhat of a 'meh' event for me and this year was no exception. I don't know if its being a parent, getting older or not having any presents to open but I was glad when the day was over, especially as the girls were being particularly challenging and D was at work. 
  • We've had numerous salesmen out to talk to us about windows and have finally found someone to do the job for us. As well as the windows, we're also having the fascias and guttering replaced as they are so old and tatty. The windows are tatty and aren't very energy efficient at all so we're looking forward to the place looking smarter and feeling warmer in the cooler months.
  • We also had a visit from the an architect. We were able to find the same one that added the conservatory and garages for the previous owners. He will be drawing up plans for the kitchen and a porch. We are also looking to change the conservatory to a sun room as again its old and dated. Its also too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, meaning we've hardly used it.
  • Half term was a bit of a washout with bugs and teething.  T has had four teeth trying to come through for months and 3 of them have finally started to appear. You can imagine the fun that has come with this!  Lots of grumpiness through the day and restless nights.
  • One thing we did managed get to do during half term was taking the girls to see Peppa Pig's Surprise, which they loved.
So that was February. March is full of family birthdays and also sees T turn 2!  Here's looking forward to a good month!

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  1. So sorry to hear you have had bugs at your house... It seems to be going around now! I have had the cold 5 times just this year, and have been off work three times already since January. It is just never ending. I hope you guys get a better March!

    We've also been having people coming in doing quotes. I am so at loss at who to choose though as I don't even know if I want wood or PVC, etched or clear etc... It is a really difficult choice, as it is so expensive too. We need work on gutters too, and we've got a crummy conservatory too... Ah, house improvements are just never ending. Unlike the money pot ha ha :D

    Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup and hope to see you next month too :)