Monthly Roundup : January 2016

  • Most of January was spent ill with a pretty nasty bug that just kept hanging around. After a solid fortnight of earache and sore throat mine is finally disappearing. The girls have both had it too, E's been left with an annoying cough and T a chest infection. The only one who seems to have escaped it is D. Both of his parents have been ill, so I'm surprised!  My MiL has had the flu and ended up in hospital with a chest infection that they thought was verging on pneumonia.  
  • Because MiL has been ill, I've not been at work. My in-laws look after the children on my office day so I've not been into the office for the last 3 weeks (the first week E had a sickness bug). So I've been trying to do as much as I can from home around the girls and of an evening, which has been easier said than done when T won't settle. Whilst it may be work, that one day I spend in the office is something I look forward to. I don't have anyone else near me to look after the children if I needed them to so I look forward to not having to worry about them for a few hours. Whilst I'm busy, its a chance to switch off and do something different. I'll be honest - I'm looking forward to getting back in the office, catching up with work and having some child free times!
  • Because if the various coughs and colds both girls have been a little off their food. I recently wrote this post about E and her picky eating.  Needless to say it has been even worse recently, its been a struggle to get her to eat anything. I think she must be feeling better though as she had a pizza for dinner last night and polished it all off! She said to me "Mummy, its been ages since I had dinner". Yes E, that's because you refuse to eat! Onwards and upwards I hope!
  • E had her booster jabs. She was a little anxious before hand but was amazing when she had them done. She didn't kick up a fuss before hand or when she saw the needle and didn't make a peep when she had them done - she even said thank you to the nurse as we left.
  • Early in the month we had a spell of intense tantrums from T. I'm glad to say that has passed.... for now, no doubt!
  • We've had a number of window companies out this month to measure up and quote for new windows. Ours are so old, tatty and draughty. The plan is to put them back to how they were originally, with decorative fanlights. Who knew there was so much choice when it came to windows!  I'm really very excited at the prospect of new windows as it means we can finally start to do some decorating and make changes in the house, one of the biggest of which will be the new kitchen. I can't wait to have a nice kitchen!
  • January saw us buy some new furniture for the house. When I say new, I mean new to us. D and I often have quite different taste in furniture so having been on the look out for a cupboard we found one locally on eBay to paint.  The pics below show some of the progress, the outside is painted in grey and the inside is turquoise. The piece is now finished and in place in the living room - I'm hoping I can get a good photo of it to share soon!  We've also brought a sideboard, welsh dresser and another 2 cupboards with the intention of painting them. That sounds like a lot of furniture, but we didn't have masses when we moved and now we have a home to fill!

monthly round up

As we start February, T has a chest infection and E has a lingering cough. Here's hoping for a healthier month!

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