The Ultimate Checklist for New Mums On The Go

Being a new mum and having to multitask on the go can take some adjusting to. It seems there’s an endless to do list, and there’s never enough time to check everything off - until now. Here are some great tips and tricks to maintain your busy schedule, while maintaining your super mum status.

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Hand Sanitiser
This powerful little bottle of bacteria fighting liquid is a mum on-the-go’s shield for battling those germs. If there’s no soap and water around, this sanitiser is perfect for cleaning your baby’s hands while out and about. Just one drop will kill most germs.

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Baby Calendar
It’s tricky to keep track of all new mum duties, and it’s often overwhelming remembering all that needs to get done in a day. Creating a special baby calendar can help even the busiest of mummies keep organised and stress free. If you’re not a fan of the original jot down notepad, there are many apps to help remind you of all appointments, practices and events.

Muslin Cloths
A really handy item for new mums to have close at all times is a muslin cloth. This simple piece of kit can wipe away a multitude of unwanted stains and is great for keeping dribbly mouths at bay. You can even drape one over your shoulder just before you wind your little one. Baby wipes can also do the job and keeps things smelling fresh.

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Baby Changing Bag
For a busy mother, there’s nothing more important than finding the right accessory for stashing all your baby changing equipment. For a great selection of baby carry alls that fits in with your personal style and manages to have room for all your everyday essentials, try Choose from a variety of bags, from sleek baby changing clutch designs, to slouchy and roomy over the shoulder types.

Rattles & Toys
Rattles and toys are perfect for those moments when standing in a long queue and your baby needs a bit of a distraction to keep amused. Whether waiting for an appointment, or at the bus stop, babies need lots of visual and mental stimulation throughout the day to aid their natural development. There are also many phone apps specially designed for keeping your little one entertained.

Lip Balm
Yes, that’s right. Your baby’s little lips get chapped too! Especially in these colder months, it’s important to keep their precious skin moisturised, as it’s hypersensitive and vulnerable to dryness and harsh weather. A tip would be to use an unflavoured lip balm, to ensure your little one is not going to be unhappy with the taste.

With unwanted germs lurking around, make sure you’re never caught off guard with a pack of tissues on hand. Not only great for wiping little noses, but also mopping-up any spilt juice and milk when you’re out and about. Make sure they’re unscented ones though, as your baby’s nose will be overwhelmed by anything unnatural.

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