What To Buy A Baby Boy For His Christening Day

Go online or into a department store and you are bound to be met with countless gift ideas you can buy for a christening. But these standard items are likely to be purchased by everybody else in attendance for the child in question. You don’t want to bombard your host with a gift that they already have ten of. So your aim should be to find a gift that is unique and stands out. While there seems to be a lot of choice for baby girls, there are fewer options available for boys. So here are some gift ideas to consider giving to a little boy on his christening day.

baby boy, baby boy christening

Pocket Watch
A pocket watch will make a really thoughtful gift, which the parents can keep safe until he is old enough to use it. Get it engraved with the date or his initials to make it extra special, or buy one that holds a picture inside. Choose a photo of him being held by his parents to add some sentiment to the gift that he will adore looking at later in his life.

Ceramic Christening plates
Ceramic christening plates are another wonderful keepsake idea. Choose a design that includes a cute boy like image of a train or a dog or use a photographic portrait of them. You can also include their name, their christening date and location or a sweet message from your family. This gift can be proudly displayed in a cabinet or on a wall for everybody to see.

Train Set
This is a gift idea he can get a lot of use out of. Choose a style that is appropriate to his age or buy one he can use when he get’s older. Wooden and plastic train sets work well for most age groups and will provide the child with endless fun and laughter. You can add an extra touch to this beautiful gift by having his name painted or carved into the track pieces or the main body of the train. If looked after carefully, he could pass this toy down for his own children to play with in the future.

Personalised book
Books are an excellent choice as they encourage learning and aid the child’s development. Buy one that can be personalised and choose a theme you think they might enjoy. It could be a superhero theme or a farmyard theme. The personalisation of the book can include his name, his parent’s and even their pets if they have any. This will become a favourite during bedtime stories and is bound to bring a smile to the child and the parent’s faces.

baby boy, baby boy christening

If you enjoy crafts, why not make a present for the baby instead. A quilt made up of some old baby clothes he used to wear will make a unique and personal gift. Or you could create a themed quilt that compliments his nursery or bedroom. Choose an appropriate theme and get creating!

These are just a handful of potential gift ideas you could buy for a baby boy. It’s such a momentous occasion and should be commemorated with a very special gift that he can always treasure.

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