5 Tips to Make Your House a Home

The place you live is your house, but is it really a home? If you have just moved in, then you definitely need to take the steps to transform it into somewhere that represents you as a person/family. If you have lived there a while and it’s losing its charm, these tips will help you with that too. Here’s 5 easy tips to guide you into making your house a home:

1 - Consider Your Lifestyle
In order to make your house a home, you should consider your lifestyle. Not just your lifestyle, but the lifestyle of your entire family. Ask yourself some questions to work out what you need and what you don’t need. How often are you in the house? How many family members are there? How do you use the house mainly? This will help you pick suitable furniture and come up with a layout that suits just about everybody in your house.

2 - Show Off Your Personality
Use the fact that you’re decorating as an opportunity to show off your personality in the home. Use your favourite colours, patterns and textures to create a truly unique look. Personally, I think there's nothing worse than a house decorated totally in neutral colours with no personality whatsoever. There’s nothing wrong with neutral, but you should still aim to tell your guests a bit about yourself with your decor.

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3 - Ask Family to Get Involved
If you live with your family, ask them to get involved in the decor. Ask them what they think you should do or include. Everybody has to live there, so it only makes sense that you take their opinion into account. This way, everybody should be happy with the place they live.

4 - Make Sure It’s Up to Date
There’s nothing worse than a house that just isn’t up to date. Make sure you have locks, doors and windows that are all sturdy and safe. Double glazing, for example, is a must in any modern home these days, not only does it keep you and your family warm, safe and secure, it adds value to your home too.

5 - Don’t Be Afraid of DIY Projects
If you want to make your house a home, you shouldn’t be afraid of DIY projects. This will help you to make your home as unique as possible, and give you a sense of satisfaction when you look around. You could perhaps update a boring table with a coat of paint. Maybe you could even build some furniture yourself, if you’re talented with your hands.

Making your house a home is really important. If it’s somewhere you want to stay in the long term, then your whole family needs to feel settled and happy there. You can do this by making sure you show off your personality as a family. You also need to make sure it’s practical for everybody. If you live with 5 people and you only have enough seating for 3 in the living room, it’s hardly fair! 

If you have any tips on making your house a home of your own, leave them below.

This post was contributed by Emilio Jackson.

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