Easy Ways To Make Your Garden Child-Friendly

Is your garden is looking a little tired after the winter? Do you need to do a bit of child-proofing? If so, these simple tips will make your garden child-friendly in no time. Summer is coming and it’s an ideal time to get out into the garden and pave the way for fun-filled holidays.

garden, child friendly garden

Clear the rubbish
Before you do anything else in the garden, take a bin bag out and get rid of any rubbish. Remove dead leaves and put some weed killer down before you go to bed. Make sure the pathways are clear of obstructions and look for any uneven surfaces, which need repairing or levelling.

Before the long, warm days of summer arrive, carry out any repairs.

Create some shade
Babies and toddlers need shade from the sun and you can do this very cheaply and easily by putting up a gazebo or turning an old shed into a Wendy house. You could also create a den using material or make a nature corner with giant canvas leaves for a cool canopy.

Plant some seeds
This is a really fun activity, which you can do together as a family. Let your children dig in the soil and then scatter the seeds and encourage them to keep an eye on the blossoming plants. Water your blooms together throughout the spring and summer months. If you grow your own vegetables, you can gets the kids involved in preparing and cooking healthy meals. Garden plants to consider include sunflowers, Swiss chard and chameleon plants.

garden, child friendly garden

Create a flat path
Grass is fantastic for football, cricket and bowls, but it’s not the best surface for whizzing around on a ride-on. Create a winding path made from flat flags around your lawn to offer the best of both worlds.

Add some stepping stones
Stepping stones are an aesthetically pleasing way to encourage your child to build confidence and explore the garden. Go for logs, rather than stones, as they tend to be more even. Place bark chippings on the floor to cushion any crash-landings. Avoid small stones and gravel if you have young children as they may end up in their mouths.

Separate child and adult spaces
Most parents want their children to enjoy playing in the garden safely without sacrificing the entire space for toys and dens. Section off some areas for the children and leave yourself a little area for drinks, relaxing with a book and entertaining. You could make the decking an adults-only space while the kids have the run of the lawn, for example. Keep barbecues and lanterns away from the reach of children and ensure that they are supervised at all times.

Children’s toys can take over the garden, but with these simple suggestions, you can continue to enjoy the space as well. Inject some creativity, have fun with the design and get the kids involved. Put in some groundwork now to get your garden ready. Fix broken toys, level surfaces and smooth any rough edges on fence posts or garden furniture. Once you’re done, sit back and enjoy a sensational summer in the garden.

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