Emergency Cleaning 101: Last Minute Guests

So, all of a sudden you get a call and you’ve got an hour before your impromptu visitors arrive. But your house isn’t exactly tidy. In fact, it’s a mess. So what do you do? Panic? Yep! that sounds about right. This happens to more people who would like to admit it! It’s hard to keep a house immaculate all the time, especially with kids. Now the old saying is true, a good friend comes round to see you, not the state of your house! But there are some people you’ve really got to make the effort for. Of course, you should be doing it for your own benefit, but sometimes life gets in the way. This might just be the kick you needed!

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Here’s the first thing. Don’t panic - easier said than done, I know! First things are first. Quickly get dressed to make yourself look presentable if you aren’t already. That way, if they get to you early, then you aren't looking like something the cat dragged in! It’s also going to give you a better mindset! If you need more tips on motivation (although impending visitors will usually do the trick) try out www.zenhabits.net.

First of all, go round and grab any dishes cups and plates. Put them in the sink and fill it with hot, soapy water. Then run around grabbing all the rubbish that you can. Put it straight into a bin bag. Then, wash your first lot of dishes. If you’re struggling with keeping on top of things, and dishes are a chore, why not think about getting a dishwasher. It can make life much easier. Check out www.bestdishwasher.co.uk

While they are drying, wipe down all the sides of your kitchen. Have a box or basket handy to put anything that doesn’t belong in your kitchen, and put this somewhere your visitors won't look. You can sort that out later! Make sure you keep any important paperwork or documents in one place. That will save you all sorts of trouble! If you need help with your home admin, hop over to www.sheknows.com

Pick up any dirty clothes and towels and throw them in the washing machine. Give your sinks and toilets a quick wipe round. Replace the towels with fresh ones, and make sure there’s toilets paper.

Straighten up sofas, chairs and cushions. Give all the floors a quick hoover, and run a mop over the kitchen floor. You’ll be surprised how much better the place looks in just a short space of time!

For more tips on cleaning in a hurry, check out www.FlyLady.com She’s been helping her fly babies keep their houses on the tidy track for years. It doesn’t have to be a panic anytime someone announce they’re on their way!

Even if you haven’t got impending guests, then this is a good way to reboot your house and get it looking much better in a short space of time. If you’ve become overwhelmed by your chores and have let things slide, then doing this emergency clean will make things a lot easier to deal with. IT’s manageable, fast and will get you going. You may need to repeat the process a few times if your house is in a real funk. But it’s do-able. So stop reading this and get on with it!

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