Living Arrows : 17th March 2016

Today was a big day for us as we took the girls for their first dentist appointment.  Actually, to be honest, it was a bigger day for me than them as I have a bit of a dentist phobia and because of that, bar a couple of emergency appointments (a chipped tooth and a problem with my wisdom tooth), I haven't been for years. And when I say years, I mean that the last regular appointments I attended were well before I moved to Norfolk (approaching the ten-year mark!).  I'm quite embarrassed by this but its something that has always been there. I actually remember what I think was my first appointment, when I sat in the chair and then ran out of the room and surgery screaming my head off.  

The dentist was lovely but I was feeling frazzled before we even got in there as he was running almost 45 minutes late. You can imagine how bored the girls were in the waiting room and they were being generally mischievous.  We went into the room and I went first so that the girls could see what would happen. I was surprised at how calm I was in front of them, waving at them as we went along and this obviously helped as they were both happy to let the dentist look at their teeth. I was expecting that we would either have to really coax them or for him not to be able to do it all but he did and their teeth are looking good. And you can imagine how relieved I was when the dentist told me that my teeth were all fine and didn't need anything doing to them - I think he was just as surprised as me! 

Afterwards, we were so impressed and pleased with how well they did, we popped into Peacocks to let them choose a little treat as a well done. 

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  1. They look so cute shopping together - and it's great they were so good at the dentist! x

  2. Well done for not showing them how worried you were - I've never been bothered by the dentist and I think that's maybe because my mum wasn't either and we went regularly as kids. I've got to take my boys to the dentist next week actually - last time Toby wouldn't let her look at his teeth but I think we should be OK this time as he's a bit older and can understand more. #LivingArrows

  3. Well done all of you! I'm a little bit like you about dentists, I know I need a filling and I really should go but I keep putting it off.