Living Arrows : 22nd March 2016

It seems really strange seeing it written down but T has just turned 2 and so I am now Mummy to a 2 and 3 year old. When I say strange, I mean that whenever I see someone else mention a small age gap between their children I think crikey, how on earth did you manage that? And yet here I am, with my girls close in age. 19 months. Some days are just crazy, others not so much, but we've made it this far and I'm so proud of the girls they are becoming - tantrums and all!

T at 2:
  • Is obsessed with Peppa Pig and can spot anything with Peppa Pig on it a mile off. 
  • Adores her sister and wants to do everything that E does, down to wanting a plaster if she sees E have one.
  • Is ready to be potty trained. She will sit on the potty without prompting before getting in the shower.
  • Hasn't (touch wood, cross fingers etc) shown any signs of picky eating, as yet. Long may this one continue!
  • Is little Miss Independent and wants to do everything for herself.
  • Loves to finish my cup of tea or coffee and will happily drink a milky tea if I make it for her. 
  • Has the widest smile you can imagine, it lights up her whole face.
  • Loves to tease E by grabbing her favourite things and running off with them until E chases her. E isn't so keen! 
  • Is a cheeky madam. She is just starting to talk back if we tell her off or ask her to do something.
  • Her speech is coming on in leaps and bounds. Some days she doesn't stop chattering away and her new favourite word is why. It isn't mine. 
  • She starts nursery after the Easter break. She tries to sit down and join in when I drop E off. I know she's going to love it and she is more than ready for it. 
  • She has two volumes. Loud and louder and gets even louder when she is excited or trying to get your attention.
  • Will grab my face to give me a kiss or blow raspberries on my cheeks.
  • Loves to play hairdressers. 
  • Always wants to help, whatever it is you are doing.
  • She isn't great with her sleep. Nap times are hit and miss and nights are just the same. I have the occasional night with no wake ups but it isn't unusual for her to wake 2 or 3 times and when her teeth are playing up, it can be a case of seeing every hour on the clock. Yawn.
  • Blows a kiss when she goes to bed and we say goodnight. 
Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Love you lots.

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  1. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! We have 20 months between our two and they are just so close as they get older. It was hard but so worth it now! x

  2. Happy birthday (belated) to the little lady :) she is entering such a delightful age, and she seems like she is so much fun to be around :) loud and louder, ha ha, sounds a lot like my daughter too!