Living Arrows : 28th March 2016

Hasn't the weather been awful this Easter? Saturday saw us take a trip in to town, nothing too exciting but it meant we could dodge some of the rain and grab a few bits we needed.  

It wasn't the best few hours we could have had but it was good to get out of the house, even with the weather being so pants. 

E's been a bit out of sorts recently and as we were heading towards the car park she said that she didn't want to go into town, she wanted to go home.  We then had 'discussions' about her walking and not going in the pushchair.  When they were with my in-laws this week, E decided she wanted to go in the pushchair when they went for a walk. I've had to explain to her that she has to walk but she's not too impressed at that. And then there's T, who wants to walk everywhere which is fine except that she won't admit when she's tired! 

 So after a lot of walking for both of them and lunch out, this was the result:

Living Arrows, Confessions of a New Mummy

T usually only falls asleep in the car if she is really overtired. Thinking about it, I can't remember the last time that E fell asleep in the car, no matter how tired she is, she'll usually fight it until we get home.  

Here's my little confession, not only did I fall asleep on the way home (I'm terrible at staying awake in the car!), when we pulled in the driveway we stayed in the car and let the kids doze... as well as having 20 minutes ourselves. What can I say, the nights of multiple wake-ups are catching up with me!

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  1. They both look so cute! I am often sitting in the car outside our house waiting for them to wake up and I hardly ever stay awake as a passenger either! x