Tugging at the heart strings

E has always loved going to nursery. I used to drop her off and she would run in and play, with me often having to run after her for a kiss. Now though, its a completely different story.  

Every 'nursery day' morning starts off with "Mummy, I don't want to go to nursery today" followed by lots of protests. When we get to nursery, she's often quiet and a little shy and will hold on to me. We have kisses and then one of the teachers will usually take her from me to give her a cuddle and she will wave at me from the window.  

This morning could not have been further from that. She woke up after a full, uninterrupted night's sleep, happy as anything until she said that she didn't want to go to nursery. I replied with my usual response, that she could go and see how she found it and if she was really unhappy and sad to tell the teachers, they would phone me and I would go and collect her. That didn't placate her and she started to get upset.  She didn't want to get dressed and made it as difficult as possible for me to help her. She didn't want to walk nor would she brush her teeth or have her hair brushed.  

I managed to get her coat and bag on, after much complaining and by this time she was crying and starting to get herself worked up.  By the time we arrived at nursery, she was in full swing. Sobbing and crying that she didn't want to go to nursery, she wanted to stay at home with Mummy.  Once we got inside and organised, she had a cuddle with me, clinging on for dear life as a I passed her to her teacher before making a swift exit.  As I left all I could hear was her screaming that she wanted her Mummy.  

Its really hard to know what to do and why she has decided she doesn't like nursery. Her sleep has been a bit rubbish for a while now, with several wake ups and her telling me she doesn't want to sleep in her bed or she wants to me sleep in her bed with her.  I spoke to one of the teachers on the gate who told me that she has had a lot of changes to cope with for a little girl - we moved house last year, we've had a lot of illness this year, she wasn't able to see Nanny for weeks when my MiL was ill and we've had workmen at the house. Not only that, the teacher that she was with downstairs has been moved to work with a different group of children within the nursery.  

Here's hoping for a calmer collection and a calmer drop off tomorrow. There's nothing that makes me feel worse than leaving E crying. 

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  1. Aww! Sending hugs! It is hard when they are reluctant to go to nursery. My eldest used to hate it when she was little. It sounds like she has a lot of changes. I hope things settle down soon x