Girls Bedroom Inspiration

When we lived with D’s parents, before we moved home, The girls bedroom was in the attic and that combined with it being an old house made for a dark and gloomy looking room.

One of the things I love about our new home is that everywhere is light and bright. We have big windows, the sun shines in through the front of the house in the morning and the back of the house from the afternoon.

When E moved into her first bedroom, I was quite clear on how I wanted it to look. As it was an attic room, I wanted it bright as well as 'girly', but not in-your-face-girly. Now we have two bedrooms to decorate for them, as well as the playroom so I thought for today's post I would share some girls bedroom ideas that are tempting me at the moment.

As much as I love wallpaper, I don't think I would commit to a full wall (or more) for several reasons. Knowing me, I would quickly change my mind and decide I want to change it. Then there's adapting the space as the girls grow. With paint we can easily make it more grown up, that's much harder to do when you have something like Peppa Pig on the walls and don't want to re-decorate!

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With that in mind, I've started to collect wallpaper samples to frame. I do like a cluster of frames to create a focal point and because they are so easy to change it's easy to keep it looking fresh.

Storage is a huge bug bear for me - we never seem to have enough! I want easy to access storage so that the girls can find things easily and to help them get into the habit of tidying up after themselves.  These metal bins would be great for popping in some of their soft toys.

Inspiration : Modern nursery/kids room by Korbo

I think shelves may also feature as they are such an easy way to add extra storage as well as displaying favourites toys etc.

Modern nursery/kids room by Emmilia Cardoso Designers Associados

I’m also keen to add some smaller decorative touches. I’m thinking felt ball garlands and a cluster of pom poms.  But they aren’t my rooms and just my choices so I plan on getting the girls involved and listening to what they want….. So long as it doesn’t involve Peppa Pig!

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