Happy And Confident in 3 Simple Steps

There might be many reasons why our confidence has dipped. We may find that we no longer feel in touch with ourselves. Our own identity has been swallowed up by becoming a wife, mother, or employee, for example. Perhaps we feel like we haven’t achieved our full potential, or just feel down on ourselves with no discernible cause. 

There is nothing wrong with identity labels in themselves. Being a wife, mother, friend, daughter and so on can all be positive. They can fill our lives with meaning. Joy and purpose. But it is also important not to feel restricted or defined by them. When we became a mother, for example, we didn’t stop being an individual. When we became a wife or girlfriend, we didn’t stop being an artist or business woman or travel enthusiast. Labels should only ever add to our personality and confidence. They shouldn’t oppress or restrict it. But if you feel that your confidence has suffered over time, it may be time to rediscover your identity. Incorporate these easy steps into your routine and watch your confidence levels soar.

Happy and confident, Confessions of a New Mummy

1 - Socialise More
When our social life suffers, we can easily become isolated and lose perspective. We shouldn’t feel obliged to maintain a social life that doesn’t interest us any more. We might have outgrown clubbing, for example, or find pubs and bars tedious. But that is not the only way to have a social life. We can join interest groups or voluntary causes, for example. We can explore a club like Live Laugh Love that unites women to enjoy wonderful food and listen to a guest speaker. We should only give energy to the things that truly interest and excite us. But a social life of any sort can do wonders for our health, wellbeing, and confidence.

2 - Explore a Talent
Its a shame how many of us neglect talents, skills, or interests that we have, although it is understandable in today’s busy world. Family life and work commitments in particular can put a strain on our time and energy levels. But exploring talents and interests can give us more energy, motivation, and fulfilment than ever before. We may have the time to take a course in a hobby or join a local group. We may wish to take up a musical instrument again or simply learn how to use a computer effectively. There are more ways than ever to learn and improve your knowledge, especially on the internet. Making use of your talents and passions can be a wonderful way to empower yourself.

3 - Pamper Yourself
Taking time out for yourself can seem unnecessary and is even a source of guilt, especially for parents. But it is important to recognise that we best serve ourselves and our family when we are happy and well-rested. Investing time in ourselves is investing time in them too. Pampering yourself doesn’t always have to be in the conventional ways. A hot, luxurious bath and manicure definitely has its benefits. But pampering ourselves can extend to our diet and exercise too. Eating nourishing meals, getting fresh air, and a good night’s sleep can all pamper us. We can pamper our minds too with positive thinking and simple meditation. If you take care of yourself and see your body as a source of joy and life, you will instantly feel more confident.

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