In the Garden

Last week whilst the weather was a bit warmer, I got the kids out in the garden.  No big deal except for the fact that our garden isn't exactly child friendly and needs some working doing to it.  As you will see in one of the photos below, the patio has steps and a sheer drop to the grass below. We are in the process of arranging for the wall to be raised, so that no one falls over. So if I take the girls out I have to try and keep them both down on the grass, where I can keep an eye on them.

The girls girls absolutely love being outside and having the freedom to run around.  We have a bit of work to do to the garden but as well as the patio wall there is another wall that will be coming down in the next few months as the land next to us will be built on and the wall is a dilapidated building that makes up part of our fence. Until all that is done, it seems a bit like we're wasting our time in doing too much to the borders.

Confessions of a New Mummy

Whilst the grassed area is quite small, we have a large patio so there's plenty of room for them to run around and burn off energy and I'm hoping to get them a playhouse and swing or climbing frame. 

We had planned to play with the sand pit but Mummy being the dope she is left it outside in the rain without realising the lid wasn't water tight so we had to dry it out instead!

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  1. It looks like the girls had fun regardless of the state of the garden. We live in a rented house and our garden isn't very child friendly. I'm not going to be able to leave our girls on their own when the summer comes. I see it as a legitimate opportunity to ignore the housework and enjoy some fresh air :) #countrykids

  2. There is so much potential for this little garden. I can see it being a great space for the girls to play. What about creating a mud kitchen with a few old pots and pans and plastic plates in a corner? Or a Fairy Garden. these are two of the more popular uses of outdoor space at Coombe Mill. I hope the falling down wall gets sorted soon so you can get to work. thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids