Living Arrows : 12th April 2016

I just had to share these with you for this week's Living Arrows post!  

Look. At. That.   

That there is E eating a chocolate yogurt. Despite my best efforts, she hasn't eaten yogurt of any description since well before she turned 1.

I picked them up in a bid to tempt T and whilst offering to T, E kept giving it a sideways glance before she dipped her finger in it to try.  "Its yummy Mummy". And that was that. Initially she would only dip her finger in, telling me that it was tickling her tongue.  She then started to dip her breadsticks in, before using a spoon.  

Living Arrows, Confessions of a New Mummy

It might sound daft to someone not dealing with a picky eater but I was so pleased that she not only tried it but ate it all, that I've had to share it with you.

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  1. It must feel like such a relief to break through a picky eating barrier! I hope she now loves yogurt forever more x

  2. I know how you feel, when they eat something you never thought they would it's such a breakthrough! I always stay silent in case I break the spell :) She certainly looks happy with it xx #livingarrows

  3. Aww well done! I have a fussy eater and I know how amazing it is when they try something new