Mistakes You Don't Want To Make With Your Kids Bedroom

Are you wondering what things to avoid when making your kids bedroom? Here are four mistakes to watch out for.

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Having a room that is very hot or cold

If your child’s bedroom is far too hot or far too cold, it will be unpleasant for them to be in.

First off, let’s look at if it is too cold. You may not want to have radiators or heaters in the room, for fear of them burning themselves. This is why underfloor heating is a good alternative. You can control the temperature from a panel, but they can’t access the heat source themselves.

Similarly, if they are cold when they get into bed, consider a heated blanket. Go for one that turns off automatically after a certain time. This means that you don’t have to rely on them remembering to switch it off before they fall asleep.

Alternatively, if the room is too hot, you might want to consider changing the windows. Double and triple glazing reflect the heat of the sun far better than single glazing does. You might also consider installing a ceiling fan, or air conditioning unit.

Putting their room near the front of the house

All sorts of noises can travel up to bedrooms at the front of the house. After all, people often enter and exit the home through the front, meaning doors will be opening and closing. You might be able to hear cars and people passing out on the street also. As a result, these sounds might disturb your children when they are in their bedrooms. This could stop them from falling asleep, or wake them up while they’re having a nap.

Consider carefully where in the house you have their bedrooms. If it’s possible to have them at the back of the house, if this is quieter, do so. The short-term hassle will mean a long-term gain.

Confessions of a New Mummy

Giving them uncomfortable bedding

Children’s bedding is all too often focused on the brightest colours and coolest patterns. However, this can then mean that the quality of the fabric is either forgotten about or sacrificed. As much as attractive childrens bedding is important, it’s even more crucial that the material is good. It should be soft, not scratchy. It should be able to keep them warm when they need it, and not be too thick either. Just like the temperature of the room, bedding that is too hot or too cold can cause a disrupted night’s sleep. They will be tossing and turning, trying to regulate their own temperature if the bedding isn’t doing it for them.

Too dark or light

Just as you don’t want your child’s bedroom to be too hot or cold, you also don’t want it to be too dark or light. If a bedroom is too dark, it can be damaging to the eyes. This is because they have to strain more than usual to see things clearly. And, if the bedroom is too light, they might get woken up too early in the mornings when the sun rises. If the room is too dark, install some spotlights. If the room is too light, install blinds, and show your child how to open and close them without causing any damage. Alternatively, fit black-out blinds or curtains. Not only do these block out light, but they can also block out some heat.

Is there anything you would avoid with your children's bedroom?

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