Monthly roundup : March 2016

Looking back, March was a fairly busy month.
  • I returned back to work after MiL being off ill for January and February. Its been nice to get back to some form of normality. April will be another change in terms of work as T will be starting nursery and I will be increasing my hours hopefully it won't be too much of a struggle!
  • Another month full of bugs. Both the girls have had more than one bout of sickness/upset tummy. We've seen so many germs and bugs this year, it's driving me insane. 

  • I took the girls for their first visit to the dentist. As someone who is dentist phobic, this was a big thing for me. You can read about how we all got on here.
  • T turned 2!  Her second birthday was a complete contrast to E's, who I remember was quite bewildered at all the presents. T seemed to understand and ripped through all her presents. 
  • I took E for her first visit to KFC! Nothing to shout home about normally but I've shared about how picky she is with her eating and popcorn chicken is something that she has just started to ask for so it was worth recording!
  • We've had some work started on the house. The fascias and guttering have, mostly, been replaced. There is some left to be done once the rest of our building work has been completed.  We're now waiting for the scaffolding to be taken down (nearly a month later) and for the windows to be done. We still don't have a date for that as they're still making them but fingers crossed we won't be waiting for too much longer. 
  • After a difficult week or so of tantrums, I started the girls on reward charts. I've kept it simple, giving them stickers for each task they complete and the tasks are simple things, e.g. eating breakfast and getting dressed.  So far, so good... although I always worry that by writing something like this down, I'm jinxing it!  We're on week 3. The reward for week 1 was a magazine and week 2 was a small amount of pocket money for their money boxes. Needless to say, I'm playing down the actual reward part of it but I think that the recognising their good behaviour and reminding them that they are trying to get stickers is definitely working - long may it continue!
I wonder if April will finally be germ free?!

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  1. Ah I hope you will all be healthy in April - it seems it has been a difficult time this winter with lots of people getting sick and being sick a long time. It feels like there has been a lot of bugs, more than usual, this winter.

    Great to hear about your building work, I hope it gets finished soon, it is always a bit stressful having it going on. And ha ha the KFC trip - we documented my daughters first happy meal at McD :D just one of things I suppose :) my daughter is very picky too!

    Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup :)