Friday, 22 April 2016

What they wore #53

It amazes me how at such an early age my two are so independent and already know their own mind so well. They are opinionated and already want to make their own choices.

We stand infront of the wardrobes each day and they each want to pick out their own clothes. E will usually ignore my suggestions and invariably tries to choose a summer outfit or a nursery outfit for a non nursery day - those outfits that are a little less smarter than they would ordinarily wear.   Back when Next had their last big sale, Nanny went shopping and came back with a big pile of clothes for the girls. E had worn one of the outfits and refused to wear the rest. Until last week:

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The jumper is a soft and thin knit, making it ideal for these early spring days when the weather can't decide what it is doing, with some lace detail on hem and sides. I really like this colour on her, not that you can see as she wouldn't look at the camera (what a surprise that is!) so I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for more of it. 

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  1. Thats a very pretty top, perfect for spring days #funkykidfriday

  2. She looks adorable, I love that jumper x #weekendtotstyle #fkf

  3. OMG That outfit, I wanted it for Leah and never got round to picking it up. E looks adorable in it (alas, from behind mind haha). Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle p.s. ♥ those wellies!!

  4. I love that top and the colour. Definitely really nice when the weather isn't so summery. The leggings go really well and the wellies are great #WeekendTotStyle #funkykidfriday

  5. What a gorgeous little jumper! Such a lovely colour and I love the detailing on it. She really suits that colour ☺️ You can't go wrong with a good pair of jeggings too! Thanks so much for linking up and hope you've had a good weekend! #weekendtotstyle

  6. I love the lace frill on the jumper. It's really pretty. I lovely Spring outfit xx

  7. I love the colour! The jumper looks so comfy too and I agree it suits her xx

  8. This jumper is stunning! I love the lace trim :) It definitely suits her :) I'm thankful that Busby doesn't have too much of an opinion of what I put her in at the moment. Most of the time she wants to match H-Bear!

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx

  9. It looks like a lovely comfy outfit. I'm lucky that Toby generally just wears whatever I choose for him although he is starting to have an opinion on some things and I'm sure it won't be too long before he's starting to refuse to wear things altogether! #FunkyKidFriday #WeekendTotStyle


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