Wicked Wednesday : T starts nursery

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was taking E for her first day at nursery and yet now its time for T to start at the same nursery.

Last week she had two, one hour taster sessions, the first with me and the second without. At the first, she wouldn't leave my side for the first half an hour and then, when she did, wouldn't go far from me before running back.  In the second session, I was told that she took 10 minutes to settle and then was OK, although as soon as I went to collect her she ran to me crying her eyes out.

At her first full session without me, she screamed the place down when I left her and when I collected her she still looked sad. Apparently she was quite difficult for them, protesting each time they changed activities. I think they were surprised at how feisty she can be and there was a comment about how E had always gone with the flow and was more laid back. The second session was much better and she seemed to understand what was happening much more. When I left her, she cried but was quicker to settle and was calmer.  

Its only been two sessions so far but already I'm noticing changes in her. She's always been loud and chatty but she just hasn't stopped this week and I'm certain she will just bloom there. Just as E did.  Here's to a successful second week. 

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  1. Oh bless her, it gets easier I promise! They fly once they get into a pre school/nursery setting don't they?!? xx

  2. Oh it's so hard leaving them when they're upset! Even when you know they'll be fine in a few minutes after you've gone! Hope the second week goes nice and smoothly for you all! x #WickedWednesdays

  3. Oh bless them!!! So adorbs!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Wicked Wednesdays! I hope to see you again this week! Have a great weekend bab x

  4. This made me remember my son's first week in the nursery. Its always just him & me and it must be very very hard for him. I am always the last parent to leave the nursery and I thought it would be like that but it did get better and now my son is in year 1!

    Hope the second week will be better =)