5 Things to remember when moving home

The whole buying and selling of a home can be very stressful. There just seems to be so much you have to do. Paperwork to fill in and sign, financial things and money exchanging hands. Not to mention the whole waiting for your house to sell and finding a new one. But once all the big things are done, and the move is happening, it’s easy to become distracted and forget the little things. So I thought I would share with you some of those things that you can easily forget, in the hope it might help you in the future.

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1 - Set up a mail redirection
When we move, it’s easy to forget some of those important bills that need the new address. Sadly we can’t leave those behind! Setting up a mail redirection is an easy way to solve this. You can do it with ease on the Royal Mail website. This means the new owners of your old house won’t be able to have a nosey at your bank statement and credit card bill. Not that people do that I am sure. This will also be a good reminder because as those letters get redirected, you can change the address as you go. It means it isn’t so much of a daunting task.

2 - Tell friends and family your new address
Just as much as we can forget about our bills, we can forget to tell our friends and family the new address to. There are some ways you can do this. You could set up a group text message and send it to everyone, or perhaps use social media like Facebook to announce it. Just make sure your profile is private, so the whole world doesn’t see. If you are little old school then why not send out some cards with the new address, you could use it as an opportunity to invite the to a house warming party.

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3 - Make sure the kids are happy
Sometimes we can get distracted that we can forget the little things that will keep our kids, husbands or partners, happy. These are things like easy access to iPads and video games, and sorting out the TV. Sometimes things can go wrong during a house move, like missing wires or dodgy aerials. But it’s important to prioritise these things. Speedy TV Repairs can happen, and they will allow you to keep your sanity during an already stressful time.

4 - Pack the essentials in an easy to reach box
Once you get into your new home, the first thing you may want to do is put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. But if the kettle and cups are packed in a box still loaded in the van then that won’t be any use to you. So Pack a box of essentials that you will need right away. You will be thankful for it once you get there.

Confessions of a New Mummy

5 - Change your driving license and Identifications

Finally, when moving home don’t forget to change the address on identification like driving licenses. There is a hefty fine if you are caught with an old address on it. You can do this online now if your license is in date so make sure you add it to your “to do” list.

I hope this helps you when you move home. What tips would you add?

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