Fun and creative things to do with young children

Creativity is often misunderstood. Many people believe that it is a gift and you either have it or you don't. This is not true. Creativity is something that is available to everyone, its not just about being an artist. It comes in many different forms and has countless benefits. There are lots of fun and creative activities you can do with young children. How many of these have you tried?

Fun and creative things to do with young children

Attending A Workshop Or Group

There are lots of groups like Little Squigglers for your toddler or young child to enjoy. There are toddler groups, after-school clubs, and holiday workshops. Some of these you can attend with your child. There are lots of benefits of attending these groups:

  • Your child gets to interact with other children
  • You have the opportunity to meet other parents
  • They often provide resources and materials that you don’t have at home
  • It’s a fun, caring environment and everyone can work at their own pace
  • Everything is organised, and surfaces are protected, so it’s fine to make a mess
  • You and your child get to learn new skills
  • You gain inspiration and ideas for projects to try at home
  • Someone else cleans up at the end of the day

Fun and creative things to do with young children

Learning A Musical Instrument

Some people equate creativity with being an artist. However, this is a very narrow view. Creativity expands into lots of areas. Learning a musical instrument has lots of benefits:

  • It encourages discipline and hard work
  • It helps cultivate academic skills
  • Your child will improve his / her social skills
  • It can help with self-esteem
  • It boosts self-expression
  • It teaches motor skills

When your child is young, consider providing them with a range of percussion instruments to play with. Start with simple things like drums and wood blocks. Then move onto chime bars and glockenspiels.

Fun and creative things to do with young children


Again, it’s not just about being artistic. Create a child-friendly outdoor space and encourage your child to get involved. Fire their enthusiasm by allowing them to choose some seeds and plant them in a small pot. Help them to nurture their plants and watch them grow.

You can then move onto larger spaces. Make a space for your child where they can plant their own veggies and flowers. If your garden is small, use pots. If you have no garden, then create a herb garden or grow tomato plants on the window ledge. Not only does this encourage creative thought and planning, but it also teaches children about science. It allows them to experience where their food comes from and the process it goes through.

Fun and creative things to do with young children

Craft Corner

Set up a craft corner for you and your kids. If space is limited, then transform the dining room table for an afternoon. Get a cheap vinyl tablecloth that you can wipe clean afterwards and put down lots of newspapers. Provide aprons for your kids to protect their clothes. If they don’t need to worry about making a mess they will be more experimental.

Start by putting together a small craft kit. This might include paints, pencils, paper, glue, glitter, stickers, etc. You can also use household items like toilet roll tubes and old newspapers and magazines. Create a project that you can all work on together. Demonstrate each step and then let your kids put their own stamp on it. This will encourage them to be bold and experiment. They will be able to express themselves in new ways.

Creativity is not just about painting and art. There are lots of activities that foster this skill. Encouraging creativity in children from a young age will help them in countless ways. And most importantly, it’s fun.

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