Home Improvements : New Windows

We're approaching a year in our home and we have just finished one of the first big jobs. In March we had the guttering and gables replaced and we have just had our new windows. fitted.

The previous windows were tatty and old, one of the fitters estimated at least 30 years old. Seals were going, some of them were difficult to open and close and in the winter you could feel the cold coming in. And, can you believe, our bathroom window was just a normal window? No obscured glass, just a crappy blind. Keeping the blind closed for privacy combined with those horrid black tiles meant the bathroom felt dark and dingy. 

Home Improvements New Windows

The house dates back to the Victorian/Edwardian era and we are both keen to return some of the original features such as fireplaces and picture rails. We (OK, D) spent some considerable time looking at windows but we were very lucky that our next door neighbour, having lived in our house as a young boy, actually had one of the house's original windows. This meant that we were able to give the window to the window company to take an etching of it and they have produced an exact replica of them for us. Its nice to give a nod to the past. 

Home Improvements : New Windows

We are really thrilled with the results, they have completely transformed the outside of the house and the inside, actually. The house feels warmer and it has a different feel to it, as daft as that sounds.  

As well as having the window fitters here, we've also had the builders in rebuilding part of the garden wall which needed doing before we can put some balustrades up - more on this once it has been completed.  

Almost a year in and it feels really good to see things start to change and come together.  

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  1. The windows look fantastic, great result! Very in keeping with the house too x