Is It Possible To Have Kids & A Tidy House?

I love my home; we’re finally getting it just how we want it to be after moving in a year or so ago. I know a lot of parents who really struggle when it comes to keeping their home’s neat and tidy after adding little ones to their home. Kids need a lot of ‘stuff’, which does make keeping your home looking nice hard work. However, if you’re smart about it, it is doable.

Confessions of a New Mummy

Get rid of any junk
Something I learned when we moved to our new home last year, was that before moving it was important to get rid of any junk. You may not realise it, but your home is packed full of junk - everyone’s is. Most of us store items that we no longer need and then forget about them, using up precious storage space.

With kids, you need every inch of storage space you can get. That’s why it makes no sense to hold onto things that you no longer need. Sort one room at a time and take anything that you don’t want to your local dump. Or, to make things easier, look into skip hire or an alternative option.

Tidy as you go
The main cause of mess is not cleaning up as you go. With kids, there’s always going to be new mess that needs sorting out. That’s why it’s important to tidy up as you go, to prevent your home getting into too much of a state.

After preparing food, while it cooks wash up and clean the counters. After your kids have finished with one toy and moved onto another, tidy it up. Or better yet, get them to do it. Children are never too long to learn to tidy up after themselves. Implement a rule that after finishing playing with one toy, it must go back where it came from, else they can’t get another one out.

Ensure you have adequate storage space
If you want a home that’s easy to keep clean, then you need lots of storage space. The good news is that even if your home doesn’t have adequate built-in storage space, there are plenty of ways you can make more storage space. Wardrobes, cabinets, and chests all offer a good amount of storage space.

You could also consider adding more built-in storage to your home, such as built-in wardrobes. Another option is to use self-storage to store any items that you no longer need or use but don’t want to get rid of. This will free up some much-needed space and will help to reduce clutter in your home. The less clutter there is, the easier to keep it tidy it will be.

It’s no secret that kids have a lot of stuff and make a lot of mess - toys, clothes, food go everywhere. However, that being said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a tidy home if you have little ones because that’s not the case. It just takes a little more work; that’s all.

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