Living Arrows : 9th May 2016

When I have my once-a-week day in the office, T and E go to my in-laws for the day. T really adores Grandad and E Nanny, so it works out well and I can leave them knowing that they'll have a whale of a time.

The last few weeks that they've been, Nanny and Grandad have taken them out to a park and the girls have absolutely loved it, probably because I don't take them. That makes me sound really mean - I'm not, honest! Its more a case that I find it stressful when they both run off in different directions, I don't know who to go after and I get quite anxious about something happening to them.  As T gets older and does as she's told (rather than running off) trust me, we'll be there all the time. But anyway, I digress.  

This Wednesday they spent most of the day outside. They pottered about in the morning before going to the park in the early afternoon and then, once back home, spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden. 

When I arrived to pick them up, T was running riot in the playhouse, watched by Grandad and E was being pushed on the swings by Nanny.   They were both screeching with joy so I had to whip out my phone and grab a couple of pictures:
Living Arrows

I remember when we first got the swing (we were still living at my in-laws then) and E would refuse to go in it. Or I would manage to get her in and then she would want to get straight back out again. Now though, she loves it. It just needs to be adjusted so that her feet don't touch the ground!

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  1. Wow, that looks like an awesome place to run wild - I wish we had a garden that big! I completely understand about not going to the park, I remember being exactly the same when the children were smaller x

  2. Oh her face in that second photo is brilliant! She clearly loves the swing now! x #LivingArrows