Monthly Roundup : April 2016

Its time for my look back at the month:
  • Early in the month, I took the girls to the Sealife Centre, which I briefly shared here.  E has asked several times if we can go back but as much as I'd love to, it is quite pricey so I might leave it a while!
  • Also in the early part of the month, we had T in hospital. She's been much better since but I'm looking forward to her hospital appointment where we can hopefully get some advice and answers.  As I write this she has another cold, this time accompanied with a temperature of 37.9, down from 38.7. She fell asleep on me this afternoon which only happens when she's poorly, so I'm hoping she's feeling better soon. 

  • April saw T start nursery. After some uncertainty, which was to be expected, she's settled right in. She knows where she is going and when I take her in, she drops everything and takes herself straight over to her key worker and starts chattering away. Its such a relief when they're happy to stay!  She's always been... vocal, shall we say, but I've definitely noticed a change in her. She's chattering and singing away to herself throughout the day. 
  • Along with T starting nursery, I returned to work. Kind of. Long story, but I'm looking forward to getting into more of a routine soon.  

Its all about the puzzles / loons / excited about nursery / playing together

  • One Saturday night after an afternoon of heavy downpours, I went to the cupboard in our hallway to find it was dripping with water. Not long after that it started to pour through the oven hood on the opposite side of the wall.  So the following day saw D up on the roof fixing it - I'm so grateful he's good with DIY! 
  • E and T have been enjoying going to Nanny and Grandad's whilst I've been working recently, more so than usual as they've been going to the park which they love. 
  • And, of course, the big news for the month is that we got E's first choice for 'big school', the school that D and his brother went to when they were children. Whilst I didn't have a preference at the time of applying, I'm glad she's got in to it as a lot of the children from her nursery will also be going there. She's already getting anxious at the thought of going when we've mentioned it so we've been playing it down and saying what fun it will be when she does. 

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  1. Poor little T, I hope she will be better in the future and I hope you get the answers from your hospital appointment. It is horrible watching your little one's sick :( But glad to hear she's been enjoying her nursery! We are looking forward to my little one starting nursery in autumn, I think she desperately needs it! Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup :)