Planning A Snowy Adventure With Kids? Then You'll Want These Items In Your Suitcase!

Packing for a sunny beach holiday is pretty easy, right? A few towels, swimsuits and some factor 50 and you’re good to go! But what about if the weather will be a tad colder? In fact, what about if it will be nothing but snowy and cold? Packing for yourself is a challenge enough before you’ve even considered how you’ll keep the kids toasty too. Worry not, though. This guide will outline the basics you’ll be glad to have with you.

Planning A Snowy Adventure With Kids?

Sunglasses for the snowy glare are essential. Check they fit the kids well. You don’t want a tantrum on the slopes when they refuse to wear them. The same goes for hats and gloves. Check the hat isn’t going to fall down onto their faces as they bound around in the snow. There is always a question, do you pack gloves or mittens? Mittens keep fingers together and so keep hands warmer. However, gloves are so much better for making snowballs, snowmen and eating their favourite snack. The decision is yours!

As for some more packing tips, keep them well covered in at least Factor 30. That sun on the slopes can be fierce, so pack plenty! Have lots of layers to keep them warm and cosy. They are then easy to remove when the action hots up!

Avoid the all-in-one snow suit if you can and pack a snuggly waterproof top and separate waterproof trousers. When picking them, remember that there is a difference between waterproof and water-repellent. You will be so glad you bought separate items when your little treasure announces they need a wee, NOW, and you can whip the trousers down with ease. Trying to extricate your child from a head-to-toe snowsuit as they dance around is not to be recommended!

Also, pack a survival kit that provides you with the kids’ favourite snacks, for eating on the go. Throw in a lip balm, some plasters for those unexpected blisters and don’t forget that change of socks and gloves. You can guarantee however waterproof or thermal you expect them to be, your little one will manage to dash your hopes. Then, present you with hands and feet that look one step away from frostbite! Take this survival kit with you wherever and whenever you go, whether that be winter in Lapland or summer in Sweden!

Packing the wellies? Well, this may seem like a good idea but remember they are not always so good at keeping toes and feet warm. You may want to head to one of the outdoor activity outlets and look at investing in some waterproof walking boots. The staff will be happy to guide you and find you the best ones for the children. Save money by buying out-of-season, if possible. You might even choose to treat yourself.

A flask is always handy so pack one with some sachets of hot chocolate or even cappuccino. Fill up with hot water at breakfast time and take it with you, to warm up cold hands and chilly little bodies.

Finally, are you heading off with a baby in tow? Your baby carrier deserves its place in your suitcase. You can ditch the pushchair and have little one safe and warm on your back. They can watch the action in comfort and style!

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