She ate an apple!

Big news in our household last night. E ate an apple!  That's right, with a little persuasion, our picky eater ate an apple.

Yesterday we had to take her to the Drs because she was struggling to go to the toilet (both) and it turned out to be constipation. It was looking like we would end up having to take her to see the paediatric team at the hospital, just as we had with T in April but thankfully after some medicine to help things along, the problem resolved and she was soon back to her usual self.   

I sat down with her and asked her if she liked having a sore tummy and not being able to go to the toilet and naturally the answer was no so I then explained that she needed to eat more fruit and vegetables to stop if from happening. Now I know that she eats apples, pears and bananas at nursery snack time but she has refused point blank to eat them each time I've offered them at home. So it was as simple as me telling her this and saying that she needed to eat two of them at home each day and if she did, not only would she get stickers on her charts but she could also have a new Shopkins (something she has just got interested in). Bingo! Not only did she have an apple last night but she also asked for one for her breakfast this morning and has requested one for tomorrow's breakfast too.

I really hope that we can get this phase cracked sooner or later!

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  1. That is fantastic news....I hope she continues to eat apples x