3 Ways To Help Your Kids Make Friends After Relocating

Moving house is a life changing event, particularly when you’re relocating to a new city or area. While it might give your family endless benefits, your children might find it difficult to adjust and settle in. They might feel anxious about starting a new school and concerned nobody will like them. They will also undoubtedly be missing their friends and the familiar surroundings of your old home. The best way of helping your kids settle into their new life is by helping them make new friends they can spend time with. Here are three ways you can use to introduce your child to new people and make the relocation less stressful.

Confessions of a New Mummy

Sign them up to a team or class

No matter where you have relocated to, there is bound to be sports and activities your child can get involved in. This will introduce your son or daughter to local children who are the same age and have the same interests. Making it easier for them to make friends with them. Think about what your child enjoys doing. If they enjoy performing, you could encourage them to join the Bluebirds Ballet School or a community theatre group. For sports lovers, you could sign them up to a basketball or football team. Do some research online together to see what is available in the area around your new home. Alternatively, you can check notice boards at gyms and community centres or the newspaper for further ideas.

Meet the neighbours

Your neighbours will be a valuable resource when you first move in so make an effort to introduce yourself. Ask them for their suggestions on where local children play or if they know of any local youth groups your child could join. If they have children themselves they will have a wealth of knowledge that could help you a great deal. Take your son or daughter with you to make sure they meet their kids in person. If they are of a similar age, this could be an ideal opportunity to organise a play date. You could invite your neighbours round for a housewarming dinner or party and help your child get to know theirs. Or you could ask their child to take yours to a local park or arcade sometime. Just don’t force your child to go if they don’t want to.

Confessions of a New Mummy

Go to local hangouts
Another option you have is organising a trip to a local hangout in your new city or area. There is bound to be a cinema, bowling alley or shopping centre where local kids hang out. You might also want to consider visiting soft play areas and parks with kids playgrounds. Don’t be too forceful or overly enthusiastic or it could make your child nervous about socialising. Take a step back and let them socialise naturally with kids their own age. Doing this will also help your child feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

It can be heartbreaking to see your son or daughter feeling lonely or upset. But with your encouragement and reassurance, there is no reason why they won’t make friends quickly. Do you have any suggestions to help them on their to making new friends?

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