Celebrate being a Mum with a brand new home style

When you become a parent your home will start to change. First, you will almost definitely set up a nursery. That’s one of the great, fun parts of being a parent - you get to create a whole room designed for your child. You can paint the walls beautiful colours, buy all the furniture you need and that’s before you even give birth. So if you don't know the sex of you little one yet and have no intention of finding out until they arrive, you might want to think about gender neutral styling. However, it’s not just that one room that changes in your home. You can restyle your home and reshape it to be the perfect place for your growing family.

Confessions of a New Mummy

Family Photos
One of the great parts of how your home changes after you have children is the family photos. Rather than having art prints on your walls, you can have pictures of your little ones. Within a few years your walls might also be dotted with art that they created at school. For now, though, you could think about getting a baby bump photo for your wall. You can have these taken professionally and they are the perfect accessory to show you’re proud to be a mum. A selection of grouped picture frames are a lovely way to preserve your greatest memories of being a Mum.

Safety Proofing

This is perhaps more of a need than a want. You should make sure that you safety proof your home and all of the different rooms. In particular, make sure that you safety proof cupboards that are low down. You’d be surprised how quickly your little one learns to crawl and starts to find their way into all the dangerous areas. For instance, many people keep bleach under the sink. While these bottles do have safety tops, you still don’t want to risk your kids getting their hands on it.

Furniture For Kids

As well as a nursery, you might also have a playroom. This can be great for when your kids are a little older and require some private space to play. It can stop your entire home from beginning to look like a bomb full of stuffed toys went off. If you’re setting up this room, make sure you buy some furniture for kids. This tiny furniture looks adorable and creates a miniature play area for your child.

An extra tip is to have old papers or cloth stuffed in a draw that kids can pull out for messy play. That will stop your floor being covered in paint as well as other hard to remove liquids and substances.

Laminate Flooring
If you have extra money available before the baby comes, you may want to consider renovating your home with laminate flooring. This flooring is in style right now so it will make your home look modern. But there’s another advantage, and that’s clean ups. Like getting a pet, you’ll be lucky to get through the first few months without at least a couple cleanups. In fact, it will be nothing short of a miracle. Cleaning a laminate floor is one hundred times easier than carpet, trust me.

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