Living Arrows : 13th June 2016

If there's one thing my two are pretty obsessed with at the moment, its bubbles.  

These were taken Saturday. It was dull, damp and muggy and they were both pretty grumpy so a 20 minute spell in the garden between downpours did us the world of good.  They had both been desperate to use their new bubble machines that Nanny had picked up for them.... I'm sure they thought it was worth the wait although, as you can see, it took T a little while to master it!

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  1. Oh so sweet, anything to do with bubbles is always sure to bring a smile to children's faces! Not to mention the joy they bring.xx #livingarrows

  2. Awww bless them. Bubbles are mesmerising. #LivingArrows

  3. Sometimes down time in the garden is all you need to improve everyone's spirits. They looks like they're having a great time! x