Making nighttime more comfortable for children

If there's one thing I really dislike about the summer months, its being too hot at night. I can't get comfortable and when I do finally get to sleep I find I wake feeling heavy headed and groggy so I try to do all I can to keep cool. Of course, now that we have the girls, we need to come up with ways to keep them more comfortable at night too, and not just through summer.  Ensuring they get a good night’s sleep is important for their development (and mood!). And not only that but its a chance to get a couple of hours "me time". With all that in mind, here's some ideas and suggestions that will help you and your children enjoy a peaceful and comfortable night of rest.
Confessions of a New Mummy
Fresh Air
As I said, I hate being too hot in bed and the girls don't like being too hot either so part of our routine is making sure that the bedroom is as cool as it can be before bedtime comes around. Once in bed - weather dependent - we leave at least one window on the safety latch and if its really hot, the fan goes on (and is then switched off before we go to bed).

Night Light
A lot of young children have a fear of the dark, and this is something you need to address. Often your kids can become upset or distressed in the dark. And this can result in it taking forever for them to get to sleep. A nightlight can be a great way to help them settle.

New Bed
When it comes to making night-time more comfortable, the bed is the key. You need to make sure you do whatever you can to get the best possible bed. This might mean getting a memory foam mattress or hotel quality pillows from Richard Haworth. Get the bed right and, finger's crossed, your half way there.
If you have very young kids, you will need to think about how to make their sleeping arrangements differently. A baby mobile is a great way of capturing a child's attention as well as soothing them with gentle music so when you are designing a nursery, try to include one.
Read a Story
One of the best ways to help your children get into the right frame of mind to sleep is to read aloud to them. There are so many great children’s books out there that can be used to great effect. You just need to think about what books would be best to read at night-time. The idea is to choose something that will excite their imaginations, as well as making them feel familiar and comfortable. This is so important for providing the ideal sleeping conditions.
Soft Toys
It’s important to provide a comfortable environment for your children to relax in. This means their room needs to have all the things that they would associate with comfort. And soft toys play a massive role in this process. When it comes to soft toys, all children approve and many of them have a favourite and a cuddle at night will help them to drift off to sleep.

Confessions of a New Mummy
Bedtime is hugely important for the kids and something that needs to go as smoothly as possible. When it comes to night-time, you have to try to come up with ideas that will help the children get the sleep they need. It may be trial and error to begin with but the best way to do this is to make them feel comfortable both physically and emotionally.

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