Monthly Round Up : May 2016

I can't believe its time for another round up already. This year is just flying by. 
  • We've been in our house for a year now and we are starting to make some progress. Our windows have finally been fitted and our garden wall has been rebuilt.  That was a fun couple of weeks as the fitters and builders were here at the same time for a few of the days. Needless to say I had to make a lot of cups of tea and was quite relieved once everything was finished. The garden wall still needs some work to make it child friendly. We're going to put balustrades along it which D is in the process of pricing up.
  • We've had two visits from Mum this month, 1 of which was a surprise over night stay after she had been to a wedding. E doesn't do surprises (or change) well and spent a good 10 minutes hiding and crying from her. When she came down the second time, we popped to the garden centre to choose lots of new plants to go in the garden and despite her having had surgery on her foot, helped me to get them all in before the bad weather hit.  
  • Talking of garden, we've been working on the garden when the weather has permitted, pulling up all the weeds and dead plants. We still have a section to do but haven't been able to get out there to finish it yet. I've planted tons of bulbs and planted some plants to add some colour whilst we wait for those to come through. I've chosen plants in varying heights and the look I'm going for is traditional country garden, not too perfect and tidy looking with lots of colour.  If it comes together on my first attempt I shall be thrilled! 
  • In a little bit of health related news, I finally got a diagnosis for PCOS which I shared here.  
  • We've been noticing a huge difference with T's speech since starting nursery and she is now stringing words together to make a sentence, e.g. what's that Mummy and where's Nanny and Grandad.  She's also started to ask why a lot... which is fun! 
  • She's also playing better with E which means I'm not having to negotiate between them quite as much. 
  • May was the month that both girls let me plait their hair! E doesn't like having her hair up and T has only ever worn hers pulled back so it feels worthy of noting.  I'm not great in the hair department but I can do plaits! 
  • Also worthy of noting is that E has started eating apples! I shared my excitement here.

I know there's been more to make a note of but for the life of me, I just can't remember it as I sit here!  June should be an interesting month. We have T's appointment at hospital following her admission back in April and we also have her two year visit with the health visitor. We also have our first visit to E's school to meet her teacher and have a look around. Have a great month everyone :)

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  1. Ah brilliant, so glad to hear you have finally got your windows sorted! I bet it was a relief not having to make those countless cups of tea anymore, ha ha.

    We are looking at starting a nursery for our daughter next year and I can imagine that will help her develop too lots, especially language wise. It is great to hear T is starting to talk more and more :) Ha ha soon you'll hear nothing else than chatter!

    thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup :)