Owning a house, 3 things I wish I'd known earlier

Buying a house was a very proud moment in my life. Owning a place for my family to live is a big deal. I love having a home, but there are certain things I wish I’d known beforehand:

They Get Messy, Fast!
Being someone that is, as a general rule, tidy, I didn’t think about how messy houses get. I thought that it wouldn’t be a problem because I know how to keep things neat and tidy. But, when you have a house, there are so many rooms to be concerned with. It’s not like living in a flat, where you only have a couple of rooms and it’s relatively quick and easy to clean. Dust gets everywhere and you need to clean your house regularly.

Of course, there are some ways to make home cleaning less of a burden. For one, you could hire a cleaning service and let someone else deal with it for you. But, the easiest tip is to clean regularly. If you clean as often as you can, then dust and dirt can’t build up as badly. It’s far easier to do lots of little cleans than one massive one.

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Energy Bills Are Super Expensive
Obviously, before owning a house, I knew that energy bills were going to be an issue. Clearly, you have to pay for all the gas and electric you use - I knew that! But, I wasn’t fully aware of how expensive this will be. When you have kids, then your energy bills will go through the roof. It’s something I, naively, wasn’t prepared for.

Thankfully, I now know some tips and tricks to keep my bills down. Little things (like turning the lights off and not leaving the hot water on all day) can save you a fortune. We’re also considering getting some underfloor heating kits for our house too. I was looking online, and underfloor heating is apparently a great way to save on energy bills as it’s more efficient than traditional radiators. If only I’d been aware of all this before we moved into our house, it could’ve saved us a lot of money!

Gardens Are Hard Work

For me, having a garden was a big factor when buying a home. I wanted somewhere for the kids to play outside when it’s nice. They need fresh air and it’s so much easier than getting everyone out of the house to take them to the park. What I didn’t realise was how time consuming they are to maintain. You have to cut the grass, trim the hedges, water the plants. There’s a lot of work that goes into making your garden look lovely.

To make garden maintenance easier, you can hire a gardener. Or, you could do as I'm doing and get your kids outside to water the plants, weeding and generally helping you. Mine love it!

These are the three things I wish I’d known before owning a home - they aren’t massive problems, but I would’ve been more prepared for them.

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