Summer Activity Ideas To Keep Kids Busy During The Holidays

In just a few short weeks, the schools break up for the summer holidays. While for us parents, it’s lovely having our little ones home for an extended holiday, it can also be a real nightmare. Keeping your kids busy for six weeks straight isn’t an easy task, especially when you have multiple kids of all different ages to think about. Then there’s your job to think about - is it possible to work while the kids are off of school? What about if it rains, how will you cope? Don’t panic; there’s plenty of ways you can keep your kids busy.

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This handy guide is packed full of ideas for keeping the kids busy during the school holidays. So whether you need time to work or simply need a break from mummy duty, here's a few suggestions:

Sign them up for holiday clubs
To keep the kids out of your hair, why not sign them up to holiday clubs? Through the summer holidays, most sports centres run holiday clubs and camps, as do some schools. Sign your kids up to attend these a couple of times a week so that they have different activities to do every day. Look for a club that’s suitable for them - there are all sorts of offer. From sports clubs to cooking and art ones, so take the time to find the one that’s perfect for them.

Enrol them in a sports team
If your kids love sports, why not sign them up to a sports team? During the summer holidays, sports teams have lots of extra practices and games. Making them the ideal way to keep your little ones entertained. If they’ve always been a fan of a certain sport, like football or cricket, bribe them with the idea of the football and cricket trophies and medals. Kids are naturally competitive and love winning things, so this is the ideal way to keep them busy. If they still don’t seem keen, do some research into other teams in the area. It could just be the case that you haven’t found the right team for them; that’s all.

Help them find a new hobby
Another easy way to help keep your kids entertained is to find them a new hobby. This could be anything, from collecting old coins to learning to cook. It doesn’t matter what their new hobby is, just as long as it keeps them occupied. Hobbies are great for rainy days as most of them can be done while indoors, preventing boredom.

Confessions of a New Mummy

Schedule playdates
Just because they’re not at school, that doesn’t mean your kids should miss out on seeing their friends. Throughout the school holidays, schedule playdates for them. That way, they get to see their friends, and you get a break. Just make sure to invite each child who’s house they play at, over for a playdate at your house. This gives you and the parent of the other child a chance for some much-needed child-free time.

School holidays are an exciting time for kids - it’s not often they get to spend weeks at a time off of school. While they can be hard for us parents, it's important to make school breaks as fun for our kids as possible.

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