4 Fantastic Crafting Ideas To Nurture A Child's Creative Side

The joy of making things is something that stays with us throughout life. It could be the first time you cook a meal from basic ingredients (and it's actually something you want to eat!). It may be when you plant something in your garden and, after weeks and months of watering, it grows. It may just be the sense of accomplishment when you've bought flat pack furniture and it actually works when constructed.
For some of us, the relationship between a finished product and the component parts is a closed book. In a way, that can be good. After all, no-one wants to think of the steak on their plate in the context of the cow it came from. But in another way, it is good to give your kids the chance to see the process that begins with a small pile of components and ends with something tangible. Giving your kids a passion for crafts is a good place to start.
There are so many things that you can make with your kids that will give them a lesson in creativity. The feeling that you get when you see something real and recognisable, and say "I made that!" is something that really enthuses kids. And watching the dawning realisation on their faces as they see the bits and pieces become something more is great for any parent.

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1 - Making A Birthday Card
Or a Christmas card, or an Easter card, or even a Valentine. Initially, kids see them as something that comes ready-made. But if you take the time out to get craft supplies and make one with them, it will show them that creative arts can be fun. Imagine the look on their faces when they go to see their grandparents on Christmas Day and the card they made is sitting there. It's a euphoria that cannot be faked.
All it takes is some card, some paper and craft pens. Let the kids decide what they want to say on the card, and how they want to illustrate it. Some kids will get it right away and make something intricate. Others will start out basic. The great thing is, none of this matters. What is really important is that they make something themselves, with your help, and that it gives them joy.
Confessions of a New Mummy
2 - Decorations For A Party
Kids love parties, and they really love parties in their house. It could be for a birthday, or maybe for another occasion. And you've been to a kids' party, so you know exactly how the decorations look. Big, bold and bright. The good news is that these are pretty easy to make. A few posters with messages like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" or "CONGRATULATIONS" can make up the bulk of the decorations. In addition, some hanging decorations strewn through the house will really work.
Paper chains, for example, are so easy to make. Cut out some strips of paper (do this yourself) and ring them together. Buy some discounted glue dots to hold the rings together and create chains. Buy as many different colours of paper as you want. You could make chains in the colours of your children's favourite sports team or wrestler. And a cheap paper shredder means you can make streamers, too. They'll love to see the house decorated with things they've made!
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3 - Wall Hangings Of Your Kids' Interests
The great thing about crafting with kids is that you can make things from materials you already have in the home. A picture of a sporting event cut out of the newspaper can become the centerpiece of a poster they make. You can use pictures from magazines and make a wall hanging depicting their favourite animals. If there's a school subject they enjoy, then you can use pictures from old books too.
This is a particularly good way to use crafts, because nourishing an existing interest will give your kid new enthusiasm for it. Think for a moment. I'm sure there is something you're still crazy about that you fell in love with as a kid. An interest formed in childhood can stick with you for life. It can even become a career. Photos of outfits from magazines or catalogues can imbue your child with a love for design.
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4 - Putting A Modern Twist On The Idea
A love for making things yourself doesn't need to be limited to physical bits and pieces. If your child loves to sing or dance, you can make recordings of it and make them their own YouTube channel. For kids who are a little older and enjoy making something visual, there is software now that allows them to make animations. We're in a digital age now, and kids are more tech savvy than they've ever been.
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If your child shows an interest in doing something creative, then it should be nourished. Creativity, handled properly, can take your child to so many interesting places in life. The enjoyment that can be found in making something yourself - and being good at it - is something that never leaves us. And the many ways that that creative brain can be applied open so many horizons.
At a young age, the brain is still developing. You know the old saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"? Although the countless silver surfers are proof that the saying is untrue, it has a point within it. It is when we are young that we are at our most open to trying new things. What you give your children the chance to do when they are young will feed their mind for the future and give them a jump start.
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And, perhaps more important than any other reason for doing this, it gives you the chance to spend valuable time with your kids. Working with them, praising them for a job well done will forge a great bond. Positive reinforcement is such an important aspect of raising a happy child. There's so much to be gained from working with your kids on something special.

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