Clearing out the kids old junk

Clearing out items in the home is never easy. But it is even harder when it is your children's’ items you are trying to get rid of. Maybe they have loads of tech that they never use. Maybe their collection of 10 stuffed animals has seemed to turn to 100 overnight. Or perhaps their toy cupboard is jammed with games and toys they never use. You know that these items can be put to better use. You also know that broken items needn’t be taking up precious space in the home!

Clearing out the kids old junk

Set a good example
First of all, you can’t really expect your kids to clear out their junk if they don’t see you doing the same. Start everything off by setting a good example. Start with your own belongings, and make sure they see that you are actively throwing things out. Be sure you make the benefits clear. Show them the before and after, and also show them what you plan to do with the new space!

Balance firmness with understanding
Some children are born with a desire to keep hold of things- you might call it hoarding! You need to be understanding about this. There is likely to be at least a couple of things that they will push back on clearing out. This might be their teddy bears, or one of their games consoles, for example. Show them that you understand, but balance this with firmness. If something needs to go, it needs to go. Be fair but be firm.

Rip off that plaster nice and quickly!
Don’t spread the clear out over a few days or even weeks. Set aside a day or a weekend when you do it all at once. It will make you all more efficient, and will reduce tantrums and regrets! Consider setting yourself a deadline. Maybe a treat for finishing the clearout could be in order? If you start on Saturday morning, arrange a cinema trip for Sunday night on the condition that everything is finished by then.

Once the clear out is done, get it taken away immediately. Having it lying around the house will only lead to temptation! Your kid might remember something they cleared out that they now want, and take it back. You don’t want this to happen.

Hire professionals to take the junk all away
Hire a company like Junk Me Rubbish Removal to come as soon as you’re done for any rubbish. You can also use them to clear out your own things, and any unused or broken bits of furniture lying around the house.

Clearing out the kids old junk

Take your kids along with you to the charity shop
You will likely also have some things that are not rubbish. Instead, somebody else can make use of them. So, take them to a charity shop. Take your kids along with you, and let them see exactly where their items are going. Giving to charity is a really good lesson to learn. There are some charities, like Mind, who will write to you a few months later to say how much your items have raised! Frame this letter and congratulate your kid on their achievement and charitable work. This will encourage repeat behaviour in the future, and may make the next clear out much easier!

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