Living Arrows : 15th July 2016

This week we had a spontaneous trip to the seaside with Nanny.  

We browsed the shops and had lunch before walking down to the beach with our buckets to find shells. Much to the E and T's disappointment, the beach was full of stones rather than sand and no shells were to be found.  So after a lovely long walk along the seafront, we wandered back to the shops where Nanny treated the girls to a massive chocolate lollipop each: 

Needless to say the girls were thrilled with them, although not so much when I took them away after a few bites - T found that particularly hard to deal with! 

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  1. She looks super happy with her lolly! Sounds like a lovely trip.

  2. Haha those are awesome lollys!

  3. hahahaha! They're as big as their heads! I love a nanny treat! x