Love the house you're in: why expanding families don't have to move

The average Brit will move home eight times in their life. That's a lot of upheaval, from the rubbish flat that's all you can afford after university, to the palatial family home you dream of retiring in.

Love the house you're in: why expanding families don't have to move
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It is acknowledged that moving is one of the most stressful things that a person can do. If you're in the process of bringing up a young family - one that you may still want to add to - the idea of moving is even more off-putting. The upheaval can seem daunting, but as you rapidly seem to be running out of space, it also seems to become necessary.

Is this true, though? Does having a child, or an additional child, always mean you're going to have to upgrade your home at the same time? If you can handle the stress, then by all means, but don't swap contracts before you've really considered it. There might be a few adjustments you can make that can allow your current home to take a few more footsteps.

Utilise Space Properly
If you bought your current home with the intention of "filling it up", you likely set aside some rooms for other uses. Examples include study rooms in bedrooms, utility rooms, and dining rooms. Ask yourself if you continue to need these as your family grows. A dining room may seem ideal, but if removing it can allow two warring siblings their own room, you can live without it.

If you feel you would miss a utility room too much, then consider moving some areas outside. Sheds can hold appliances like tumble dryers and freezers with only a few adjustments. Just ensure you have someone knowledgeable doing the electrical work.

Have A Clear Out
When was the last time you went through your loft space? Or opened every cupboard, and questioned whether or not you need the contents? If the answer is not in the last six months, then you're probably well overdue.

You have to be clinical. Excluding season-specific things such as snow shovels and parasols, if an item hasn't been used in six months, donate it to charity.

This should result in new space. You can create a new bedroom, new storage or just enjoy a little more room to breathe.

Expanding a property has its stresses, but it is still easier than moving. If you have an outdoor space that you can build onto, then it's well worth considering. This can help solve an immediate issue for your family. It will also add value to your property so long as you consult expert property advice & support before doing any work.

Love the house you're in: why expanding families don't have to move
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If you have no outside space available, look up and down. Basement and loft conversions can bring extra space without changing the material structure. The idea of the basement becoming a room may sound unattractive, but done correctly, they don't have to be dark and dank. As ever, get expert advice and you can't go far wrong.

If the stress of moving just seems too much, there are alternatives available. Consider your options- maybe you will decide moving is the best choice, but it never hurts to give it some thought.

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