Monthly Round Up: June 2016

  • I started June with yet another bug which really knocked me for six. A sickness bug, it made me so ill that I was coughing up blood and ended up with a trip to the Drs where they gave me some medication to control the stomach acid and let my throat heal.  
  • T had her follow up hospital appointment for her admission in April. I must admit that I came away feeling like it was a waste of my time and theirs and they didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. But, I know that they have to follow their schedule so we'll have to see how things go.  
  • I had a follow up appointment for my PCOS which left me feeling a bit meh and frustrated. I'll probably do a separate update but the crux of it is they won't prescribe me anything to help lose weight (which is fine but don't say otherwise before hand) and she couldn't offer me much help with anything else. 
  • Not long after I had my bug, D was poorly.  Why do men have it worse than women?! 
  • I went to E's new school for the first time for a new parent's evening and a look at her classroom. It all felt a bit surreal and as I was sat on my own in the hall, having arrived a little late, I did feel quite out of place and even a little anxious about it.  We had a ton of paperwork to complete and return within a week and I've managed to get some of her uniform ordered.
  • We took the girls to the zoo and they had a great time! I took the double pushchair with me, thinking that I'd probably need it and in the end, T sat in it for a total of 5 minutes and walked the entire way round.  The weather wasn't great with the sky getting blacker as the day went on and as we were getting ready to leave a huge thunderstorm hit. As we drove home there was rain and hail and as we pulled into our driveway, we saw a small twister going across the skyline.  Needless to say I had left my camera in the boot. I did manage to get a quick snap with my phone but it was raining so hard it wasn't the best quality.  
  • Wasn't June a wash out? I can't remember the last time we had so much rain. I've not had chance in between dodging the rain to get outside and do some work on the garden. My lupins have been completely destroyed by the rain and there's weeds popping up everywhere so weeding the garden is top of my ever expanding of things to do.
  • T has been sleeping SO much better recently. No doubt this will change now that I have it written down but its been really nice not having to get up numerous times during the night. I just hope this means we've turned a corner as the lack of sleep some days was wearing me down.
  • And at the end of the month, my Mum came to stay. The kids loved having her down and I loved the extra help I got.

And that was June.

(Sorry if this was a difficult read, for some reason the bullet points have shown in the draft but not in the published post!)

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